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Comedian Amy Tee discusses mental health and bi-polar disorder as well a her journey from alcoholism to sobriety, and much more in these funny yet touching interviews and her comedic show video clips.


Amy Tee, a stand-up comedian and mental health advocate, offers insight into the worlds of bipolar disorder, addiction, and more.Listen as she discusses her journey and clean and sober experimental comedy therapy.

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Comedian Amy Tee and founder of Experimental Comedy Therapy talks about her journey through addiction, mental illness and her experiences. Her hope is to help others who suffer from the same problems reach out for help.

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Amy Tee has been a fixture on the Boston comedy scene for decades. In this raw and honest interview, she discusses the challenges she faced during childhood, what led her to pursue a career in comedy, how her battle with substances began and the ways in which she copes with her mental health today.

ThisIsMyBRAVE is a national organization that brings stories of mental illness and addiction out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Our guest is Amy Tee; a comedian from Boston who explores bi-polar disorder, alcoholism and recovery in her life and work on stage.

2021 - Jordan and Amy Tee up the podcast's very first topic of diversity in emergency management.

2020 - This week on The 495, Doug Sparks chats with Amy Tee from Experimental Comedy Therapy. Like many comedians, Amy has gone through many ups and downs, which reflect in her unique brand of comedy laced with stigma-busting honesty.

2019 -Lesbian Comedian Amy Tee - Awakened by Sobriety and a Bipolar Diagnosis - podcasts

News Articles Featuring Amy Tee & ECT

 Stigma-busting comedian Amy Tee turns her struggles with alcoholism, bi-polar disorder and more into a unique form of self-help. Her boyish charm and dry wit set the stage for honesty in comedy that audiences love.

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