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Amy Tee's comedic style is brutally honest and fearlessly authentic

Amy offers a rare blend of wit and honesty, a winning combination that’s made her a popular comedian on the national comedy touring circuit.
“Not every crazy looks crazy!”

Amy brings boyish charm and dry wit to her experiences with alcoholism, bi-polar disorder and, on the road to recovery, delivers comedy with stigma-busting honesty.

Amy Tee happily uses her comedic act to serve as a mental wellness advocate as an approved IOOV (In Our Own Voice) Presenter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Amy Tee is a regular performer at the Boston Comedy Festival and has been featured on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and the LOGO television network. She was named one of the “funniest lesbians in America” by Curve magazine.

Amy Tee's comedic style is brutally honest and fearlessly authentic

“It’s been the explanation not the excuse that allows me to be someone living with mental illness rather than someday that is suffering from one”  -Amy Tee

One of the busiest comedians on the circuit today!

Amy Tee, founder of ECT Events, sitting with a serious yet humorous expression, ready to take on any comedy challenge. Contact Amy Tee for ECT Events

New England native, Amy Tee is one of the busiest comedians in the circuit today!

Charming and playful, this “winning” combination provides a twisted dance between stereotypes and reality.

Whether she is performing at clubs, theaters, or at charity events, her straightforward, but subtle approach results in non-stop hilarity with everyone from mainstream to alternative audiences from Los Angeles to New York City.

At the end of each show, Amy encourages mental health advocacy, offering audience members resources to help them pursue healing through their own stories.

Amy Tee's life experiences and challenges inspired the creation of ECT.

For several years, she had been a major player in the New England comedy scene, with a successful career as a comedian, event planner, and fundraising guru.

Amy toured nationally and appeared in the film Laughing Matters-The Next Generation as a featured comedian. All of this success, however, was masking a serious battle with alcoholism and mental illness.

The mask shattered one day, and the proverbial “rock bottom” was reached on a grand scale. She is now eleven years sober after a lot of hard work and self-discovery. She is also thriving and happier than ever because she received a proper diagnosis and treatment for bipolar disorder! This newfound health has inspired her to devote her life to the path of wellness, assisting anyone she can along the way. Amy Tee is overjoyed to be back, and too give back.

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