Home Events July 21, 2023 – Amy Tee (ECT) – WYHM (North Hampton, NH)

July 21, 2023 – Amy Tee (ECT) – WYHM (North Hampton, NH)

Amy Tee, founder of (ECT) Experimental Comedy Therapy, offers live comedy shows with a range of unique themes. We specialize in providing customized shows for your group on a date that works for you. Mark your calendar for Amy’s upcoming performance on July 21 at WHYM in North Hampton, NH at 8pm

Amy Tee is a comedian from Haverhill, MA who’s been making audiences laugh all across the country. But what makes her truly unique is how she uses comedy to share her story of living with bipolar disorder. Amy participated in This Is My Brave Boston in 2017, where she fearlessly brought her experiences with alcoholism and bipolar disorder to the stage. Her boyish charm and dry wit make her performances both hilarious and poignant. By challenging stereotypes and embracing her own reality, Amy delivers comedy with stigma-busting honesty that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. After ten years of hard work and self-discovery, she’s now ten years sober and dedicated to helping others on their journey to wellness. Amy Tee is back and better than ever, ready to give back and make you laugh!

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Jul 21 2023


8:00 pm


853 Lafayette Rd, Hampton, NH 03842